The Team

Hello. We are Kimberly and Rita, consumer advocates who have long desired to have a place to voice our opinions, share our  insights on products and services and strive to showcase ways to save you money. A place where we can share our knowledge with others and bring the power of strength in numbers to the consumer arena. For this reason we have created

Kimberly is the deal hunter of the partnership. She brings an educated eye for a deal and is always finding something for nothing. Always one to rely on if you need to know where the latest sale has started, who has the best clearance and where the freebies are hidden.

 Rita is the marketer of the group. Years spent spreading the word of the deal for the restaurant industry, hosting parties and building a strong network of business contacts gives her an edge on helping to amplify our message.

The bottom line is that we all care about our bottom lines (and our bottom's lines ha) so why not save some time on saving some money.  Find the places you want to shop on!