Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Precious Cat Litter, free with Mail-In Rebate!

Kimberly and I love our kitties! I'm excited to have this freebie!  

Grab a bag of Precious Cat litter free with Mail in rebate!   Just print out the form, and follow the instructions. Clearly there will be initial OOP (out of pocket) expense for this, and honestly I'm not sure what a bag goes for. However rebates make it free and that's a bargain I desire! 

Note that this is only for new customers! If you've used a rebate with Precious Cat before you won't be able to participate in this one.  Terms and conditions are listed on the bottom of the form, I don't see a mention of size. 

You will need to print this one, remember how I told you those printers are awesome investments?  Check out my post on my Brother printer purchase.

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