Thursday, November 17, 2011 A consumer issue.

Kim and I pride ourselves on being first and foremost consumer advocates, that ultimately is why I'm making this post. 

For the last week, a lot of our blog friends and frugal bloggers everywhere have been promoting a site called  We ourselves may have recommended this site to you at some point.  NoMoreRack(NMR) is a daily deal site.  We do love daily deals, but not at the cost of our security. 

Clearly things happen, and it seems last night something bad happened to NMR customers. The site was 'compromised' and consumers payment and personal information was being shown on the wrong accounts. I did not participate in this event, and cannot give you an accurate first hand account of what happened.  However I know a place where someone, well many someones can. NMR's facebook page

NMR posted this facebook status a few hours ago:

"Hello, as valued customers, we take your privacy and ensuring the security of your data very seriously. In the middle of the night last night, our technology team was alerted to an issue involving ability to login and our login process. In order to properly diagnose the issue and continue to ensure the security of the site, on notification we disabled the checkout process. We can assure you no billing information was compromised. Nomorerack does not store any card holder data, rather card holder data is stored within a PCI compliant environment and our billing gateway. Nevertheless, our team is reviewing all accounts accessed during the period of time when the login function experienced abnormalities to ensure the integrity of each customer's account. Please feel free to contact customer service with any questions or concerns you may have."
You can check the update and comments by clicking here

What I will encourage you all to do is read the comments.  I know there are 270 odd comments, but open it up and read through. There you will find first hand accounts of what the concern here is.  While NMR is insisting that no one's payment information was compromised, consumers are insisting that's not the case.  One fan even went to the extent of calling the people who's information she'd seen to warn them. 
"I actually Called Strangers this morn warning them that info had been leaked. It was awful! These were complete strangers!"

I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of a company that hides behind false statements. Clearly we cannot control what things hackers decide to target, I do expect the businesses that I shop at to have a plan of action in the case that something like this would happen. In the case of a  nomorerack hack, I'd like for them to have taken some responsibility.

While my online shopping confidence is not broken, I can assure you, I will not be keeping my NoMoreRack account, weather I use it or not.

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