Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let Shopping Sanity keep you organized and on top of deals!

Did someone say automatic updates when I'm owed a price adjustment? FOR FREE? I'm responding with a resounding YES PLEASE!

Often stores have policies on giving a price adjustment when you've just made a major purchase and it goes on sale.  Clearly these vary from store to store, but I'm ALWAYS ok with being told I  was supposed to save money! I often don't check back at stores to see if the things I've picked up have since gone on sale...I just plain forget. This is probably my favorite feature of ShopSanity!

However that's not all this awesome site does.  It helps you keep track of your purchases, updates you if there are shipping changes and more. 

You will have to have a Gmail or Yahoo mail account for this sweet offer.  At the low low price of FREE this one is not one to pass up!

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