Thursday, November 17, 2011

Klout 101

Many have asked me to do a new post on Klout, and a lot of things have changed.  This is pretty bear bones, but will give you a good idea on what's going on.  If you are left still confused, please comment with questions so that I can respond and compile the faq's for my next post on klout where I'll get more into the Perks Program and other goddies!

Klout has made some changes and I know many of you are feeling a little lost all over again.  Not to worry not too much has changed!  The basics are the same.  Klout is essentially a grade on the interactions and influence you have in your social media network.  That simplified even more is that Klout is like a GRADE on how you influence people with your posts etc on social media.
Currently my 'BargainDesire' score is holding steady at 46. Pretty good, not what I want...but I'll work on it.

The way this influence is measured is where people get a little confused. I'm going to keep it as simple as I can. If you're generating content that is commented on, shared and overall influences your network to take action, you're going to see your score increase. Do it consistently and you're going to see your score hold steady.

Topics have also changed. More have been added, and while I'm still not 100% sure how they determine what topics we're influential in, I'm working on it.  Some are more obvious than others.  For instance I'm influential in Money, Wii and Groupon, all things I address often in posts across my social scope. These topics are also showing up in the Klout Perks program.  That's a post for another day. 

Then there is +K, this is new.  This feature allows you to give people in your network +k if they have influenced you in a topic. This comes into play as far as I can tell mostly with Klout Perks, and with adding some interaction on klout itself. You can earn badges for giving and receiving +K. When you have received a +k from someone in your network you'll see a little notification number behind your Dashboard tab.  Be sure to keep an eye on what topics you're influencing others, and who is giving you +k.

I also noticed this today, as pictured below a notice on my Dashboard that I have a perk coming up! How exciting! Loving this feature!

Klout is a big one, there are a TON of layers to it.  I love it, I've been a fan from the beginning.  Now with the perks program expanding, the badges achievements and topics I'm even more excited.  It's ever growing and expanding but I'm trying to keep up!

Now so I can focus my next post a bit, please let me know what you're confused about. 


  1. not a blogger, just a reader--but now I understand a little about Klout!

  2. Klout is for everyone! Even non bloggers, so I'm glad this helped you out G. Be sure to let me know if there are questions you have that I can answer.


  3. What is the point of lists and friends? And also, how do you become eligible for perks? I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up my profile. Thanks again for the post!