Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free $10 Giftcard to all Restaurants and other Places on Level Up!

We did a post about LevelUp in the past and currently it is only available in Philly and Boston. It is an awesome payment system that allows you to use your level-up card to pay at retailers. (You can even just use your phone) Since the retailers then save money from the credit card fees they usually pay, there are always discounts such as $5-$20 already loaded. So for example, if you eat at a Full Plate in Northern Liberties and use Level-Up, $5 comes off your bill automatically. Then the more you use the card at certain places, the more credits you earn for the next time. (Your debit card is connected to the level-up card and the total after the credits is then charged to your debit card)

I use Level-Up and have used it at DNA Salon on Liberties Walk and saved $20 and used it at Aya's Cafe in Center City and a few other places. They add new retailers everyday.

Right now, you can send a free $10 giftcard to any of your friends, or yourself, to use at any of the retailers featured on Level-Up to help Spread the word! You can send as many as you want, but only one to each person.

Send everyone on your holiday list $10 to spend at any business on LevelUp... for free! Fill out the form below and in 3-7 days, they'll receive a festive gift box with $10 to spend at any of the restaurants, bars, cafes and retailers on LevelUp! Click here to send some free gift cards now!!

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