Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rent the Runway Deal- My First Order

Rent the Runway is an awesome concept. They have top quality, and I mean dresses you see at the Emmys that run $5,000, available to rent for anywhere from $40 dollars and up. I have been to 4 weddings alone this year, and Rent the Runway was having a special this week for $50 off any rental of $75. I decided to go for it. I rented a dress I really liked that retailed for $3,700. I rented it for the standard 3 days with insurance incase anything goes wrong. They even let you pick TWO sizes to be sent for no additional cost to guarantee it fits. If neither fit, you are fully refunded. I only paid $30 after insurance!!! I love this site, and love the idea of renting dresses and jewelry I could NEVER EVER afford to be able to wear for special occasions.

Sign-up for free and took a look at the dresses and see what you would rent for your special occasion. Keep in mind there are always promos and discounts, so you will rarely have to pay the full rental price.

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