Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is National Coupon Month! Celebrate with Redpum!

With all of these 'National holidays' popping up it's hard to keep track.  The word on the street is, however that this month is National Coupon Month and that is a month that sounds like a great time to me!  After all I feel like the last two months of my life have just been printing out food coupons and other manufacturer coupons.

I wanted to share with you all this email that I got from Redplum today: 

"We are only one day away from our favorite month of the year: National Coupon Month. And our celebration is going to include exclusive, limited-time RedPlum freebies, coupons and coupon codes. We'll be sending out one a day all September long, but you have to sign up to get the deals sent your way. Click below to get added to our Dash for Deals list, or pass up bigger-than-big savings from brands like Burger King, L'Oreal, Folgers and Hellmann's." 

Red Plum

Hopefully you've already signed up for Redplum, because we've been telling you all about it!

If not, no worries.  Here's the deal on RedPlum.  Redplum is a resource for free printable coupons.  They have a great selection of printable grocery coupons, beauty product coupons and other printable manufacturers coupons.

I'm excited to see what awesome coupons come of it, and in honor of National Coupon Month (no matter how manufactured it is) I'll also be sure to highlight some awesome coupon match up for you guys this month!


Red Plum