Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pay With LevelUp and Get Free Credits Everywhere

Want Free Money at Your Favorite Restaurants, Bars, Spas, and Stores? Read how LevelUp works and how to get a Free $10 Global Credit to use at any of your favorite retailers that accept Levelup.

Pay with LevelUp and Good Things Happen. LevelUp is a way of paying at your favorite places that saves you time and money. When you pay with LevelUp, merchants pay way less in payment processing fees with credit cards. So you save money and they do too. When you make a LevelUp account, which is totally free, some of your favorite retailers will already have free money waiting for you (with no minimum purchase) just for paying with LevelUp instead of your credit card.
  • Save Instantly: Try new places with $5, $10, $20 in free credit automatically in your account to spend on whatever you want. No buying deals, no printing coupons, no fine print. Just pay with LevelUp and it's automatically applied.
  • Save Always: Get rewarded whenever you visit your favorite places. Simply pay with LevelUp and you'll progress towards unlocking more credit to spend on whatever you want at that place.
  • Save Time: Pay with your phone! (Or use the LevelUp card you can get sent.) Get instant digital receipts. It's simple, fast, convenient and smart.
  • Save Everywhere: LevelUp works at hundreds of places with dozens going live every week. We're starting off at a measured pace, but we'll be at hundreds of places in no time! Check out what places accept LevelUp!
  • It's free It's simple It's automatic It's rewarding

Register with LevelUp. Fill in some basic information, link your favorite credit card and you'll get your personal QR code. Then request your card if you don't want to use your phone. Sign-up Here! Plus use code KANDR when you sign-up for a free $10 Global credit that can be used with whatever credit is already being offered at the place you choose to visit.
  • You can carry LevelUp with you in three convenient ways:
  • 1) On your iPhone or Android with the free "LevelUp" app
  • 2) Have us send you a physical card
  • 3) Print it out from your account online
  • The code looks like this:

Pay with LevelUp. Good things happen. Right now it is only available in Philadelphia and Boston, but coming to a city near you soon! Sign-up now!

I used LevelUp at Aya's Cafe and had $8 in credit there. My bill was $50, I paid with LevelUp and my creditcard registered with that account was only charged $42. PLUS, when I go back, I will have more credit. Paying was easy, because I pulled up my LevelUp code on my phone and the waitress scanned it. It is safer than using credit cards because the waitress did not need to take my card to the back and never sees my credit card numbers. You don't even need to take your credit card out with you, just pay with your code on your phone or your level-up card that has the scannable code on it. Most importantly, the food was awesome and I found a new Restaurant I probably would not have visited on my own without the free credit incentive.

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