Thursday, September 8, 2011

Klout, a beginners guide.

If you've  seen some of my recent posts you might be asking, "What the heck is this Klout stuff about."  There are so many different areas of Klout, so we'll call this one Klout for beginners.
Hopefully this post will help make sense of things for you.

A few months ago I told you a bit about Klout so check out this article too

What is Klout?

Klout is a site that essentially gives you a grade on your influence around various sites on the web.  Your Klout score is out of 100, so clearly the higher your score the more influential you are.  They have a unique algorithm that measures actions and responses you're creating across the web.  Here are the three most important factors that determine your score:
  • How many people you influence- also known as your TRUE REACH
  • How much you've influenced them  - also known as your AMPLIFICATION
  • How influential they are - also known as their NETWORK SCORE

What does this really mean?  

To put it simply, if you're generating conversations across several networks your score is going to improve. 

Are you using your influence on twitter?  Are you generating conversations on Facebook?  (Note that fan page metrics are not yet being graded!) How about Linkedin?  Are you on all the networks that Klout is?  This can help, be sure to link up all of your applicable sites!  Did you know that even foursquare can help improve your Klout score!? 

Another way to improve your klout on topics, is to have other users give you +k.  For example today I've posted on twitter asking for +k in coupons.  I talk about coupons, I think we're influential there, so I'm asking you to take action to help my score.  If you do click my link and give me +k I'm reaffirming that I can create ACTIONS on the web! I asked you to click something, you did! See where I'm going here? 
If you're asking your network to respond and they're proving that 'you've got klout' and increasing your score!  

Things that ARE going to help improve your klout:
@mentions on Twitter (we're @bargaindesire)
Responses to status posts on Facebook.
Starting and generating conversations on networks linked up to
Participating and generating impressions across social networks (how many people are reading and clicking).

Clearly the more influential you are, the more likely you are to grab some perks. KloutPERKS are awesome! Yesterday I got myself a $25.00 Macy's giftcard for having some Klout. :D 

Now I'll open the floor.  I'm not an expert but I have been following for about 3 years or so now, so I'm happy to answer questions if I can!


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  2. hi, I came from the momblogsociety hop this time through. The klout score is something that I am still trying to understand. There are so many programs out there and it's important to know what they each do.

    Giving you a review because I've always enjoyed your site!

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