Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introducing...Groupon Goods!


Groupon Goods features really good deals on great products.
You buy them as you buy any other Groupon deal - clicking the "buy" button in the email.
Once you've bought your Groupon, you can redeem it in one of two ways, depending on the deal:
  1. Code: You'll receive a code that can be entered on the website of the merchant selling the product. Once you do so, they'll ship the product to you.
  2. Drop Shipping: You tell us your address at the time of purchase, and we'll pass it along to our business partner, who'll ship the product to you.
If you don't like an item, the item within 15 days of when you received it and you mail it back to the supplier sealed in its original packaging. They'll refund you shortly thereafter. Go Check out Groupon Goods!

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