Friday, August 26, 2011

Your Mission, should you choose to tweet it. Episode 7

Rita here with episode 7 of #missiontweet. 

This week we are back on The Giveaway Train where one lucky winner has the chance to score a $100.00 Walmart Gift card!  Who doesn't like free money right? Be sure to enter that contest by clicking the link.  

*If you haven't jumped on the Giveaway Train yet click here to grab a ticket to ride!

As many of you know #missiontweet is all about creating buzz on twitter for things we love, and we love the afforementioned giveaway!

That's why I'm offering one influencer the chance to win a $10.00 Gift card for this weeks mission of helping us spread the word on THE GIVEAWAY TRAIN's giveaway.


  1. Pick me! Pick me! I tweeted & tweeted & tweeted!

  2. I haven't heard of mission tweet before! I really like the concept.