Friday, August 26, 2011

Why a home printer is a great investment.

Brother MFCJ615w Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax

May I introduce the Brother MFC-J615W my newest home office investment.  This wonderful little guy does it all! I personally think it's the best home multifunction printer. It prints, faxes, copies and scans to my hearts content and it does it all wirelessly.  Not that I'm often faxing, scanning or making copies!  I do however PRINT a ton of coupons, freebie coupons and even match ups for my grocery trips.

I should note that this is also the first time in ages that I've invested in a printer.  Maybe cost kept me away, We all know it's just not cheap and it's not easy to find the best printers for home use. In making my decision to purchase a new printer I actually spend time assessing my needs.  I print photos, coupons, activities for the kids, spread sheets for work, itinerary for trips and more. What I wanted was the best of it all at the best price, of course!  I made myself a list, I wanted the best home photo printer so I could share my photos with my friends and family and not have to pay an arm and a leg for prints, an energy efficient printer and I didn't want my life to end over the price of replacement ink! (Let's face it ink is the real kicker with any printer!)

Lucky for me I stumbled on the Brother MFC-J615W on For only $80.00 I ended up with the best home multifunction printer. I think hands down it's the best printer for home use! Plus I can get ink at an awesome price too!  Check out this deal for only $6.80 + shipping: 12 Pack. Compatible Brother LC-61 Cartridges. Includes Cartridges for 3ea LC-61 of each Color Black Cyan Magenta Yellow. Oh yea, much better than 30 bucks for one single black!

12 Pack. Compatible Brother LC-61 Cartridges. Includes Cartridges for 3ea LC-61 of each Color Black Cyan Magenta Yellow.

 Why it's important to have a home printer for frugalistas and deal hunters:

1. Coupons for free stuff - Often times people miss out on some really great free product coupons because they don't have a way to print it, this week alone I've printed 15 freebie coupons or pages for freebies!

2. Printable Coupons - Most match up sites (MamaCheaps is my favorite resource) use printable coupons. If you're looking to save through coupon match ups you're going to need to be able to print!

  • Check out these links below for awesome printable coupons.
Coupon Network
Red Plum
3. Printable freebies - things like the recent 'Seventeen magazine' post I made where you could print the home screen of the website and take it into a store location and grab a free product, no purchase necessary!

4. Grocery shopping lists - Printable shopping lists have saved me a ton of time!  I can do my list right on Grocery iQ print and go.  My match-ups are all in order it saves time, effort and my sanity!

While I could continue on for ages I won't.  I think we all know that you NEED a printer.  I of course am in love with my new multifunction printer and strongly recommend it!  

FRUGAL TIP: If you scroll down you'll see a 'Frequently bought together' bundle on I think it's the best bang for your buck!  You get the Brother MFCJ615w Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax and 22 cartridges of ink for only $108.29.  WELL WORTH IT!


  1. I use my printer for everything. I'm an author working on several novels right now. I do a lot of research that I print out. I honestly think I'd be lost without mine.

    Thanks for hosting the hop. It's great to be part.

  2. WOW i had no idea that the brother ink was so inexpensive! i HATE my hp printer.. it's been driving me crazy and I've wanted another printer, I just never used anything other than an HP. Think I'm going to give this one a look :) THanks!

    How long does the ink cartridge last compare to the $30 ones?

  3. Clearly how long it lasts depends on your usage. I'd say on average I'm a 'heavy user'. I've had this guy for about a month and haven't had to change out cartridges yet! This is a big improvement for me, they aren't even at half empty yet. YIPPIE! I did buy a stock pile of the $6.00 cartridges just to be prepared.

  4. Ok so maybe a brother printer will be the next printer we buy. We currently have an epson that we hate using because the ink is so expensive!

    Thanks for the alexa hop :)