Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shipping cost update! One more reason to love Ruelala!

 We KNOW I love love love, daily deal sites.  Often I tell our readers that Ruelala is my absolute favorite of all of them.  However, there is a deep, dark, smarmy downside to these deal sites.  SHIPPING COSTS!  

There have been several times where I've found something I was totally in love with, and I get to check out only to find that shipping is going to cost me double what the item I'm about to buy is!  Clearly, I'm canceling the transaction.  No WAY will I pay more to ship something than I will to buy it.  

Well Ruelala appears to be listening to it's consumers!  They have rolled out a new shipping policy and I'm EXCITED!  The long and short of it is, that you pay one singular shipping cost for an entire month of purchase!  If you order on the 1st and pay shipping, then two days later you find something else wonderful (and I'm sure that you will), you won't have to pay shipping on that order meaning FREE SHIPPING!

From the site:

Here's how The Rue 30 works:
  • Place an order and pay the shipping costs.
  • After that, get free standard shipping for 30 days.*
  • Enjoy.
* AK & HI: air shipping rates apply  

Click here to sign up today!

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