Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your Mission, should you choose to tweet it. Day 2!


Alright BargainDesire's DAY 2 Of #missionnintendoretwt....

Same deal as yesterday retweet our message (today using the rafflecopter widget below.)

If you're not entered in The Giveaway Train Wii Giveaway, click here to enter now.

We want The Giveaway Train to go VIRAL!  We want everyone on the internet to know about our not so secret hashtag mission #missionnintendoretwt

Get the word out!  This one has 3 chances to win! Check out the Prize list!  Also if we have a good enough number of entries by around 5pm I'll upgrade the two $5.00 gc's to something better!  GET TO IT!

Great job of tweeting out the message!  Sadly we didn't quite get Nintendo's attention, but keep an eye out for future Giveaway Train Tweet Missions...and of course the resurrection of #missionnintendoretwt.  They aren't getting off that easily!

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