Thursday, July 14, 2011

Possible Free SNEAKERS!

As I showed many of you I got these amazing shoes free from Prospecs.  Well their most recent status updates look AWESOME for those of you who said you wanted a pair of your own!

Here is what they posted:

"Surprise! We have ADDITIONAL 115 PAIRS OF PROSPECS W!! Do you want to be a reviewer? Please send email application including your name, shoe size, phone numbers, email and full postal address to "​m" from July 15 at 6AM EST to July 18 at 6PM EST. The official event rules are still valid and no application before or after event time will be accepted."
That being said, be sure to pop over to their page during the times listed and get in your application!  Good luck!
P.S. The shoes...are very comfortable.  I'm pleased! 


  1. They look horrible unattractive. I hope they are super comfortable for you. I'm going to opt out on these.

  2. I like how they look. Thanks for sharing!

  3. we cant send app in it wont let us for the 115 pairs how do we do it pleas e rich thanks