Friday, July 29, 2011

Groupon and FourSquare pair up.

Foursquare has long offered check in deals set up by establishments as incentive for us to tell our friends and followers where we are and what we're doing. While some of you may cringe at the idea of sharing your location while you're out and about I say to you, it COULD save you money!

With this new partnership between Groupon and Foursquare the live deals are sure to be something I take advantage of! It's like getting a coupon right on my phone. I'm notified they exist when I check in on my mobile app.  How sweet is that! 

Scenario: I'm out with friends at a popular burger joint and I decide to 'check in' after doing so I get a notification that I've just unlocked a free draft beer.  Now all I have to do is show our server my phone, and boom, free beer. Then of course I tell my friends who begin checking in/adding the application on their phone to get their own free beer. (I'll do a nice in depth post on check in offers and the applications that offer them for you all next week.)

 It seems like, for the moment the deals are only live in Chicago, but according to a recent article by the rest of the U.S. and Canada will have Groupon Now will be available for the rest of us on Sunday.  

I'm excited about this one!  


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