Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time to Crowdtap!

     I wanted to share this site with those of you who aren't already participating. is a way to provide feedback and opinions to brands that you may have heard of already and some you haven't heard of yet.  For those of you who like sharing your opinion and maybe get some sweet stuff to review,

The thing I find unique about this site is the badge system.  I love badges, love earning points, increasing levels.  It's the competitor in me.  I LOVE their badge system and want them all! 

These are some of the 'Action Badges'. There are also 'Brand Badges' to earn!

The great thing is that along with earning these points and badges you're increasing your opportunity to gain 'New Actions'.  New actions is the area where you will find 'hosted parties' right now my application is pending for a party for Old Navy.  You only have to be Level 3 to start participating in these actions and trust me it's easy to get there!

Another great thing to point out is that you also have the chance to earn some cash!  Inviting friends, answering quick hits,  participation in 'tapped in' discussions and more give you the opportunity to win some free money!  You only need $10.00 in your account to cash out or to donate to the charity you select when you sign up!

This is the 'Stat's page'.  Here you can see your activity badges, levels and more!

The site is really user friendly, really really fun and I'm sure you're going to love it as much as I do!

Click here to sign up.

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