Wednesday, June 29, 2011 my music hero.

Today it's tough to be a big music fan the price of a song is around a dollar on iTunes and I just don't often have $20.00 to pick up the full album.  I've got things to do, bills to pay and groceries to buy not leaving much room for buying overpriced iTunes.  If you nodded your head and agreed with any of that...I may just have a solution for you!

Years ago my friend told me about she said oh yea, you can download full albums for about a dollar and songs cost like 15¢. I think I responded with a 'yea, OK' and a chuckle.  Then when I got home, I looked it up and was elated to find that she wasn't pulling my leg.  Here right in front of me was a way to get the music I wanted, update my playlists and not have to hunt down an old tape recorder/radio and try creating radio mixed tapes!

Now I'm a curious cat, so before I was willing to install the Fiesta Download Manager, I did some research. After using the site for about 4 years I'm pretty confident in it.  Here is a link to the sites legal info for anyone who might want to check into it as well. 

That's my best kept secret.  They do not do referral incentives, there aren't really free credits.  A few times a year they run some awesome specials where if you recharge your account you get 50-100% extra credits.  I usually wait till they come up to recharge my balance.  

There is one more thing I wanted to share.  Back in January, my laptop died, very unexpectedly.  My little HP had, had enough of me and quit.  I lost ALL of my music, at least $100 worth of tunes off of MP3Panda and likely another $100 from iTunes.  When I contacted iTunes to ask if they had a system of keeping tracking of what I had downloaded and could I get the songs back they said 'Nope, you can only download them once we aren't responsible.'  GRRR!  I contacted MP3Panda, and they gave me $100 credits back so I could restore at least SOME of my music!  Now THAT my friends is customer service! 

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