Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hop on [roo]wards by Yellow Tail for Free Products Now

Yellow Tail Roowards

The only rewards club that lets you have your cake and eat it too – that’s right, with [roo]wards you can spend your points on fun stuff AND still accumulate all your points toward winning a great trip to Australia. So, hop to it and sign up now.

Getting points is easy. You don't have to buy any products, just participate on the website.

Register for [roo}wards- 10 points
Submit a wine recipe- 10 points
Get friends to sign up- 20 points
Share on Facebook- 1 point
Refer a friend- 1 point (can get 100)
Submit a photo- 25 points (can get 125 by submitting up to 5)
Submit a wine story- 10 points (can get 100 by doing this 10 times)

A t-shirt is 100 points.
A hat is 150 points.
And more!

Sign-up, earn points, and redeem them!

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