Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have your cake, and eat it too with

By now most of you know that Kim and I have a soft spot for daily deal sites.  They can be AMAZING ways to save as long as you're reading those emails and checking them each day! 

That being said I wanted to make sure that none of you are missing out on deals.  LivingSocial deals tend to be a bit more local that some of the other deal sites, local bakeries have done some awesome coupons on the site around me recently and I love love love buying things local.

Don't forget sign up incentives!  If you sign up today you get $5 livingsocial bucks for free!  YAY!

They also have a pretty wide span of cities/towns and even countries they are located in!  Heading to Europe?  Check out the 'Other Cities' tab and you'll see there is a section for Europe! 

I won't bore you with more details as these sites are pretty self explanatory, just make sure you've signed up and are ready to save!

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