Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HauteLook name brand at affordable prices.

I'm quickly becoming a bigger fan of Hautelook than I had originally thought.  I love designer brands, though usually I'm finding them second hand (nothing wrong with consignment shopping folks).  With Hautelook I get the opportunity to invite friends and get credits when they make their first purchase.  Like most daily deal sites of course, but the stand out with this site really are the brands.  

For example today they have a 7 for All Mankind boutique.  I found these AMAZING tie dye shorts on sale for $49.00.

Now, personally, I'm not spending $50.00 on ONE pair of shorts. I'd laugh and walk away.  However! Recently they have had a ton of sunglasses and make-up products that my friends just ADORE, and they have been buying up the sweet deals.  Making this deal even sweeter for me!  Now, rather than paying $49.00 for these amazing shorts...I'm getting them for the low low price of FREE

Don't ever doubt the power of the free credits my friends! 

Sign up and tell your friends to collect $10.00 worth of free credits when they make their first purchase! 

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